Orientation workshops and ongoing professional development are offered by the MaToK project director Galya Greenberg. These sessions can be arranged in person at your school or for several schools in your regions, or via webiner. Galya is also available for ongoing consultations and discussions with teachers and Judaic Studies Coordinators about how MaToK materials can best be integrated into your school's existing Tanakh curriculum.

Contact Galya at gagreenberg@jtsa.edu or leave a message at 860-521-2626


Teaching Tanakh: A Deep Dive into a Sea of Meaning is an on-line learning module for day school bible teachers on the Eduplanet21 platform. The Learning Module will explore various orientations to teaching and understanding Tanakh. The objective is for teachers to expand their perspectives and teaching approaches to Tanakh and to align their goals with their approaches. Participants who complete all parts of the Learning Path will receive a certificate attesting to their Professional Development accomplishment.

Although the course is asynchronous and may be completed by participants according to their own time schedule, participation in a cohort of learners enriches the experience thanks to the cross-fertilization of ideas in the discussion boards. The fall cohort will be moderated by the course creator and facilitator Galya Greenberg, Director of the MaToK Bible Curriculum. The course schedule for fall 2014 is:
Oct. 1: Teaching Tanakh “goes live”— teachers may sign in and look over the syllabus.

Oct. 10-31: Introduction and Lesson One (Introduction to Orientations)
Nov. 2-14: Lesson Two (Migdal Bavel as a Model for Orientations)
Nov. 16-28: Lesson Three (Case Studies)
Nov. 30-Dec. 12: Lesson Four (Application to Our Own Classrooms)

Teachers who work at Schechter Network affiliated schools may participate at no charge. Check with your school administrator for the code to sign into the Schechter Community on Eduplanet21 if you are not yet a member. Teachers from non-Schechter Network member schools may participate for a fee. For more information, contact Silvia Tolisano at <eduplanet21@schechternetwork.org>.