Resources for Teachers, Students, and Families on the Weekly Torah Reading
Parashat Hashavuah=פרשת השבוע

Shabbat Table Discussion Guide

Parsha-NLE Resources: The Global Resource for Jewish Educators and Outreach Professionals

The Lookstein Center --worksheets and Amudei Hod. Amudei Hod analyzes the text by means color coding and literary conventions very similar to the MaToK methodology.

Midrash Manicures

Torah From JTS (Commentary and Midrash on this week's parasha) (short animated videos about the main ideas of the parasha)

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (Dvar Torah on each week's parasha)

AJWS (American Jewish World Service) Dvar Tzedek (the parasha through the lens of social action/global justice--available in both print and podcast forms)

Divrei Torah from AJR (Academy of Jewish Religion)

Torah Topics for Today
Value-oriented, accessible discussion topics to empower parents at all levels of Jewish knowledge and commitment

Israel Religious Action Center of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism

Israeli Children's Website on the Parashah (חומר העשרה בעברית)

Parsha Presentations for SmartBoards

The Family Parasha (These are stories based on the themes and values of the parasha, with guiding discussion questions for children of various age groups)
Masorti Movement in Israel

JTS Torah Commentary Archives

Student made videos from the Yeshiva of Flatbush (Scroll down the menu on the right side of the page to find the latest Parasha.)
Torah Commentary Podcasts:
JTS Torah Commentary
  • Tetzavveh 5778 by The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) Feb 20, 2018
    The JTS Torah Commentary Podcast for Tetzavveh 5778 by Rabbi Lilly Kaufman.
  • Terumah 5778 by The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) Feb 13, 2018
    The JTS Torah Commentary Podcast for Terumah 5778 by Marc Gary.